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Jun 24th @ 1:41am EDT

I can borrow books from a library. In fact, nowadays I don't need to have a lot of books, therefore I quite rarely use the local lending library of which I am not a member at the moment, but my father is. Anyway, I used to be a member there when I was a student. At that time I was used to reading as we had to read all compulsory readings. To join a library you have to fill in a lending card. If you want to borrow a book, you write the author's name, the title and ISBN number on the book card and the librarian puts down on your card the date when the book is due for return. Books are issued for three weeks, but can be renewed for another three. Only a limited number of books can be borrowed at a time. For overdue books fines are charged. There are a lot of books in a library that normally cannot be borrowed. They are mainly encyclopaedias, dictionaries and lexicons. You are allowed to work with them in the reading room, where you will also find newspapers and periodicals published in Hungary from the 1930s. I often go to the bookshops just to look around. But sometimes I can't resist temptation and buy some languages books, maps or a magazine for my mother. Last time I bought two expensive dictionaries, but it was worth buying them, because I can use them in the future, too.


Jun 18th @ 10:17am EDT

Before going shopping I take stock of our supplies then there is no need to run to the neighbour to borrow a bit of this or a little of that. After taking stock I draw up a shopping list and set out to do my shopping. I walk from shelf to shelf, filling my basket with the things I need. I have to think over what to buy because I can't afford to buy all kinds of things I don't need. After finishing shopping I go to the cash desk, where there is often a long queue. When it is my turn, the cashier adds up the bill on the cash register and gives me the receipt. I can pay today in cash, by credit card or with buying tickets. The easiest thing is to pay in cash, because paying with the buying tickets aren't changed and if you pay by a credit card, make sure you know your pin-code and it is slower, too. The grand total is rounded whole. Then I pack the things I have bought into a shopping bag and leave the shop/supermarket. Meat is usually sold by the joint or slice, bread is by the loaf, flour, rice and salt by the packet, cream, yoghurt and milk by the carton, oil, juice, beer and wine by the bottle and you normally ask for a jar of jam or instant coffee, a tube of mustard or toothpaste, a packet of tea or cigarettes, a head of lettuce or cabbage, bananas and a box of matches.


Jun 15th @ 1:48pm EDT

The capital city of Hungary is Budapest. Buda on the right side of the river Danube is built among hills, while Pest on the left side is built on the plain. To introduce Budapest to a tourist from abroad I would tell him some historical and geographical data about the capital of Hungary. 2000 years ago the Romans called this settlement Aquincum, that means the "city of waters" because there were and still there are a lot of water springs and medicinal baths in this region. Today Budapest is a busy metropolis with a population of 2 million people. The city is rich in historical and cultural monuments, works of art and natural beauties.
I think I would start the tour of Budapest by taking the tourist up to the Gellért Hill, because this is the best point to see the panorama of this beautiful city. Standing high above the city on the highest point of the hill is the Statue of Liberty. On the top of the hill there's the Citadella, which was a fortress. Chain Bridge is the first permanent bridge across the river Danube. One of the tourist attractions of the city is the Castle district of Buda.
The first stop during a visit to the Castle district is usually at Matthias Church. This was the coronation church of the kings of Hungary. Behind the church is Fishermen's Bastion. It connects Hunyadi János Street with Szentháromság square. The centre of the Castle district is the Royal Castle, the National Gallery and the National Library.

Fast food

Jun 10th @ 12:03am EDT

In Hungary everybody can decide where they want to eat. Of course it sometimes depends on the money. More than half of the Hungarian population can't afford to go anywhere to eat because of high prices.
There is much choice of eating out in different kinds of restaurant. You can find fast-food restaurants which are cheaper but not very healthy. In fast-food restaurants you eat junk food. There are a lot of restaurants in Budapest and in all over the country with lover prices and you can eat healthy and high quality food. In self-service restaurants you can choose from meals from the counter and you pay after you had chosen your meal. The richest people go to expensive restaurants for instance Gundel in Budapest. But they can go to hotel restaurants where they get the best food in high prices. In Hungary you can find Chinese restaurants or Turkish and Italian restaurants too. They are very popular with Hungarian people. I have never been to a foreign restaurant, but I wish I am.


Jun 9th @ 1:48am EDT

I can borrow books from a library. In fact, nowadays I don't need to have a lot of books, therefore I quite rarely use the local lending library of which I am not a member at the moment, but my father is. Anyway, I used to be a member there when I was a student. At that time I was used to reading as we had to read all compulsory readings.To join a library you have to fill in a lending card. If you want to borrow a book, you write the author's name, the title and ISBN number on the book card and the librarian puts down on your card the date when the book is due for return. Books are issued for three weeks, but can be renewed for another three. Only a limited number of books can be borrowed at a time. For overdue books fines are charged.
There are a lot of books in a library that normally cannot be borrowed. They are mainly encyclopaedias, dictionaries and lexicons. You are allowed to work with them in the reading room, where you will also find newspapers and periodicals published in Hungary from the 1930s. I often go to the bookshops just to look around. But sometimes I can't resist temptation and buy some languages books, maps or a magazine for my mother. Last time I bought two expensive dictionaries, but it was worth buying them, because I can use them in the future, too.

TV Series

Jun 3rd @ 11:48pm EDT

I usually switch on the TV in the evenings and read on the teletext channel the TV programmes for the day. There is usually quite a rich choice of programmes. To tell you the truth I like watching TV because it brings the world into your home and keeps you informed about what is happening around you. I especially enjoy Hungarian soap-operas and some programmes that show you famous people over the world. I never miss the half-past-seven o'clock news either. I also love witty and humorous cartoons like "Tom and Jerry" or the "Roadrunner".
Only one or maybe two Hungarian state channels used to be received at home, because there was no one who could have made a business from the broadcasting. Today, I don't know exactly how many channels I can get on TV, but there are quite a lot. There are two well-known and popular commercial channels called Rtl-Klub and TV2. There is no great difference between them. They are financed by its advertisements so the programmes are interrupted for commercials, which I dislike. Besides we can also receive lots of different Hungarian channels such as my mum's favourite TV Paprika or my dad's much liked political channels, the old ones MTV1-2 and TV Danube, our local television programme, the satellite channels about sports and documentaries and of course some German or English ones. To be frank, there is only one thing that these programmes are good for and this is the language learning.
I'm interested in historical films, adventure films and series. I also enjoy witty and exciting detective stories, particularly one of them titled Columbo. I like Peter Falk the star of Columbo because he can always find the "bad people", although he always forgets everything that he needs. He is so funny with his old fashioned balloon coat or his broken down car and he always comes back to ask the suspect one more question even if the suspect thinks that he won't any more. I can't help watching the next part if it is on in a reasonable time on TV. I quite often watch video or cinema films and I'm a regular customer at the video hire shop. I enjoy perhaps crimes the most because they are usually very well done and give you a lot of excitement. I have never been disappointed by horror films, they are macabre or spine-chilling and I think somewhere at the back of their minds everybody longs for adventure and thrills or even fear. And these films are able to fill in this gap in our lives. Anyway, in my opinion it isn't worth sitting in front of the telly, because your health could be damaged because of sitting there for so long and even you may become a couch potato.

Music and cinema

Jun 2nd @ 11:39pm EDT

I quite like pop music although I wouldn't call myself a fan. I gladly like listening to any music. At the beginning of this year we went to a 2-day concert was given by some well-known Scandinavian bands, in the Netherlands. Lots of guitar artists appeared there who celebrated the 48th guitar festival at Tilburg. There were some very young, ambitious bands who were very talented musicians with a fine technique. For example there was a little nine-year-old drummer. Everybody was very surprised at his ability. Anyway, the instrumental music lovers were really delighted including me, too. Their CD covers, labels were signed by the famous guitarists after the show.

The usual cinema show consists of a feature film begun by a newsreel, lots of commercials and of course short films like trailers from the future films. The main film is usually cinemascope and dubbed. However, an undubbed film is very good for language learning. And if you master the given language you can even enjoy the films without looking at the subtitles. Low attendance at cinemas is due to several factors. On one hand the price of cinema tickets has been raised and it is not a cheap evening any more to go out to see a film, mostly if you would like to have a popcorn or a refreshment. On the other hand the cinema owners seem to forget that most families have video or DVD players at home and you can borrow all films from the videotheque. There are some different films like these: western, adventure film, thriller, horror film, science-fiction fantasy, detective film, comedy, screen adaptation of a successful novel entitled e.g. Harry Potter.

Leisure time

Jun 2nd @ 6:49am EDT

I'm not much of a theatre goer. In fact neither my time nor my money allows me to go to the theatre regularly. And, to tell you the truth, I am not really interested in it. I prefer watching TV or video films at home, or perhaps going to the cinema. If you stay at home, you don't have to dress up, and this is a great advantage. Anyway, the play I saw last was a great one. I wasn't disappointed, because it was a splendid adaptation of two famous lady's life called Marlene Dietrich and Edit Piaf. The plot of the play was really gripping and rich in surprising returns. It held the attention of the audience from the beginning to the end.
I can buy a theatre tickets at the booking-office. I like to sit in the boxes because they are quite near the stage and they are by far the most comfortable. I normally sit in the stalls, which are the seats on the ground floor. Over the boxes is the dress circle then follow the balconies and finally the gallery. As you enter the theatre there is usually a big foyer, where people can meet before the performance. The two main parts of a theatre are the stage and the auditorium. The hall is usually separated from the stage by the orchestra pit. A curtain, when lowered, covers the stage and during the performance footlights illuminate the stage. In a big theatre there are several cloakrooms where you can leave your hats and coats. Then you show your ticket to the usherette, who will offer you a programme and lead you down the aisle to your row and seat. While the beginning of the play, you can leaf the programme booklet from which you learn about the cast, the director, about the approximate plot of the play and perhaps the programme of the theatre for that season. Right before the performance the orchestra begins tuning up. Then the lights go out, the curtain rises and the play begins. A play usually consists of at least two acts, but sometimes there are three acts with two intervals in between them. During the interval you can go to the refreshment room where you can discuss the play over a nice drink. After then the bell rings for the next act. In the end of the play the curtain fall and the lights go up. The audiences usually applaud the company. Curtain call follows curtain call and the whole cast is given a standing ovation.


May 29th @ 1:31pm EDT

What you eat is very important for your health. Many people today have an unhealthy diet. They eat too much fast food and processed food. A healthy, balanced diet should include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fresh fruit and vegetables. You should control the amount of fat and carbohydrates you eat if you don't want to put on weight. If you are overweight you can go on a diet to lose weight, for example avoiding food with too many calories. Many people today are vegetarians and don't eat any meat. This is a healthy diet if you make sure eat enough protein from pulses eggs, and cheese.
Most people in Hungary eat more than necessary. Our calorie intake is about double the amount we actually need. People eat a lot of carbo-hydrates in food like bread, cakes and sugar, which are very fattening. I think we also eat more meat and protein than necessary, especially fatty meats (which) are favoured by most. That is why there are so many fat people among us. A healthy diet should contain at least the same amount of fibre as fat. It should also contain the major nutrients, such as vitamins, protein, calories or iron. It should be high in vegetables and grains, with modest amount of meat. I would say: eat when you are hungry, but don't force the food down when you are not. I have never been on a slimming diet because I'm on the skinny side. I don't easily put on weight even if a lot. I think we are so wasteful while in some parts of the world there are millions of people (who are) suffering from malnutrition. I get very upset when I see people wasting food (e.g. throw any bread into the dustbin).

Hungarian Post office

May 27th @ 2:12am EDT

The work of the post makes it possible for us to maintain connections with our relatives and friends. We can drop a letter int he post box or send postcards and wecan phone. We can also subscribe to news papers and magazines at the post office. The central post office is a huge building. There are some public telephone boxes in it. When you enter the main hall you see ravs of counters. At the counters for the sale of stamps you can buy stamps, coins, postcards, letter writing paper and evelopes. At the money order counter you can sand money by money order orcheque. At the bank counter you may pay your bills for gas, electricity, telephones and other services. At the every post office there is a newspapers and magazines counter, which sells the lastest issnes of news papers. Pocket can be suit by parcel post of it they are not too big by letter post. Letter post is quicker. It a letter is argent, you send it express and pay a bit more for the postage. In Hungary we write the adress's name on the right-hand side of the evelope. Right underneath we write the postal code of the town or village the adress lives in. The sand name and address go in the left-hand corner of the evelope. Bank: this estabilishment offering a variety of banking services banking services are for example handing our saving account, our currency, consider credit demand, grant credit.

My flat

May 26th @ 12:27pm EDT

I live in a flat, in Budapest, in the eighth district, between Blaha Lujza Square and Rákóczi Square. The house, which I live in, is an old building. It has four floors and there is no lift. The most of the tenants are old people in this house. There are some younger people too, but they work or learn in a college or university. I don't speak a lot to the neighbours.
I have been living in this house for 13 years. I know the neighbours, I know the surroundings, and I like this district, but it is a fact, that I like the countryside better, because the capital city is very polluted, and overcrowded, the transport generally very bad. People are unfriendly, and they don't deal with each other. In the countryside people are friendlier and helpful, and they like nature.
I like the living in the countryside, because I like mountains, and piping, and I like animals, but the animals need a big garden, which is rare in Budapest. We have a cottage in Biatorbágy near Budapest. When I was a little girl, we went there a lot. I love the neighbourhood and the people, who live there. One of our neighbours has got four little cats, and two adult cats, and only one dog. This neighbour has a very high house, it has two floors. The other neighbour has some hens a cock and some chickens. We buy eggs from him. When I was a little girl, my brother and I went to the other neighbour to play table-tennis. We went to tour with them, and we generally enjoyed it.

My homeland, Budapest

May 22nd @ 2:47pm EDT

To introduce Budapest to a tourist from abroad I would tell him some historical and geographical data about the Hungarian capital: 2000 years ago the Romans called this settlement Aquincum that is the city of waters' because there were and still there are a lot of hot water springs and medicinal baths in this region. Real urbanisation began in the fifteenth century when under the rule of Sigismund of Luxemburg the royal castle on the Buda hills was built. The later centuries, especially the nineteenth century saw the flourishing of Pest lying on the other side of the River Danube. Today Budapest is a busy metropolis with a population of 2 million people. The city is extremely rich in historical and cultural monuments, works of art and natural beauties.
If you have a foreign guest you have to show him/her the Castle District with the Matthias Church, the Fisherman's Bastion and Szécsenyi National Library in the Royal Castle. Looking over the river Danube there is Europe's most beautiful House of Parliament. In the middle of the Heroes' Square there is a one hundred and eighteen foot high column with the Archangel Gabriel on the top. At one side of the square there is the Museum of Fine Arts where you can see wonderful picturesThe other important museum is the National Museum, where the Revolution and War of Independence started on 15th March, 1848. The Opera House designed by Miklós Ybl is as famous as the Opera House in Vienna. The building was renovated recently so it is much nicer now. If you want to see elegant clothes and all kinds of people from different nationalities you have to go to Váci Street, the pedestrian zone and at the end of the street the Vörösmarty Square with the famous Café Gerbaud. St. Stephen's Basilica is the second centre of Christianity in Hungary after the Basilica of Esztergom. Margaret Island is a perfect place for recreation. You can take long walks, admire the beautiful flowers and trees there and you can go for a swim there. The Gellért Spa Bath, Szécsenyi Bath, the Király and Rudas Baths are world famous and you can feel artistic atmosphere, too. Among the nine bridges famous ones are: the Chain Bridge built and designed by Adam Clark

Love story...

May 20th @ 11:48pm EDT

If you want to read something, you can either buy a book from a bookshop or borrow one from a library. You can either read a novel (a book which tells an invented story) or a biography (which tells the story of another person's life) or an autobiography (the writer's own life story). If you are a student, you may want to buy a textbook (a book used at school or university). A book which sells a lot of copies is called a best-seller. I If you want recommendations for which book to choose, you can read the reviews in the paper, where people who have read the book give their opinion. A book has the title and the name of the author on the cover. It is divided into different parts called chapters. A book I have just read is Love Story by the American author Eric Segal. It's about a young American boy called Oliver who meets a girl called Jenny. Oliver is studying, and he meets Jenny in the university library. They haven't got very much in common. He's a rich boy who likes doing sport while Jenny is poor and she plays music. At first they're unfriendly with each other and they argue a lot but later they fall in love. They make plans for their future together but very soon they find out that Jenny is seriously ill and they haven't got nearly as much time as they thought...
It's a tragic and moving love story and I enjoyed reading it. I recommend it


May 19th @ 1:05pm EDT

I like window-shopping especially in a new shopping centre, but I rarely waste time doing it. If I want to buy something, I'll go in the largest hypermarket and buy it. In my family every morning it is my dad who buys everything that we need such as bread or rolls, milk, some cold cuts and the basic food for supper and breakfast. He always buys different products for my grandmother mostly which are quite heavy. Thus we don't need to do week-end shopping as other families do.
I prefer shopping in the nearest super/hypermarket because it sells almost everything that a family needs. There you can get almost everything under one roof. Almost all supermarkets are self-service stores, which are really popular because you make your choice as you please. Another advantage of supermarkets is that they have lower prices than small shops. I suppose this is because bulk sale is cheaper. But sometimes they cut the price of certain goods so that people will come to them.These hypermarkets are owned and run by rich investigators thus the bigger fish eat the little fish. People who are in favour of small shops argue that their needs are much better looked after in a small shop and that the assistants are more polite and attentive when serving them. Smaller shops are mainly privately owned and their number is growing from month to month. These shops are the baker's, butcher's, confectioner's, fruiterer's, greengrocer's, grocer's, fishmonger's etc.
they always have fresh products, the bread is never stale or dry, the milk is never sour, and the service is always fast and polite. Anyway, I warn everybody against doing their big shopping on Friday or Saturday because on these days the bigger shops are full of customers. On Saturdays' mornings you always have to queue up in front of the counters as well as the pay desks. Everybody is in a hurry, both buyers and shop assistants are nervous and there are often a lot of irritating remarks.They have got plastic baskets for the fewer goods and wire trolleys for customers who want to buy a lot. Young mothers often use them to push their babies in. The goods are tidily arranged on trays and long shelves on which the various prices are clearly marked or the goods themselves are labelled.


May 16th @ 5:49am EDT

In Hungary in most houses the meals are breakfast, lunch and supper. Hungarian breakfast consists of milk or tea, some cold meals with a slice of bread spreading butter or rolls, different jams, honey and toast.

In an English home four meals are served: they are breakfast, lunch, tea and the most important meal of the day is the dinner. English breakfast consists of cornflakes, ham and eggs (boiled and fried) with tomato or mushrooms, buttered toast or bread and butter with marmalade and fish may be served. Some orange juice is drunk before breakfast and tea or coffee is drunk after it. I usually have no breakfast at home except at weekends because I have it with my colleagues at my work. I eat some sandwiches which I have made previously or I sometimes buy 'a cocoa snail'. I usually eat some cold cuts with rolls, green pepper or tomato and drink cold milk. Some people just eat an apple or a banana or drink a cup of tea/coffee. At weekends we have a more relaxed breakfast, we often eat ham and eggs or gypsy toast.
Lunch is the second meal of the day and people have it between twelve and half past two depending on the time of the lunch break at work. It is usually a heavy meal and most working people have it in a self-service restaurant or in the canteen of their factory. There we join to the queue. After taking a tray, the cutlery, some paper serviettes and a plastic glass we choose what we want to have.
I lay the table as I sometimes do for a Sunday lunch. I spread a nice white cloth over the dining table and put a vase with flowers in the middle. I put out the dinner plates first, then the soup plates. The spoon go on the right-hand side, the napkin and the fork on the left. I put the side plates, goblets, glasses and dessert spoons in front of the plates. Finally I try not to forget about the saltcellar, the pepper pot and the toothpicks either.


May 15th @ 7:06am EDT

For everyday wear I like sports jackets, a pair of corduroys, pure woollen jumpers, cotton shirts with checked patterns. I like wearing baggy trousers or stretch jeans with a pair of sport or low-shoes. Blue jeans and denim skirts are extremely popular nowadays. They can be worn with everything and for everyday wear. They are durable, hard-wearing, washable and crease-resistant. In short they are practical for causal wear.A man usually can wear a vest, a pair of underpants, a shirt, trousers, perhaps a waistcoat, a tie and a jacket or a single- or double-breasted suit. On his feet he wears a pair of socks and low-heel shoes with rubber or leather soles. A fashionably dressed man wears a purple, mustard yellow, dark green or royal blue suit with a brightly coloured patterned shirt and a tie. A woman wears a pair of panties, bras, a slip, a blouse, a skirt or a dress, or a suit, a pair of tights or stockings. A well-dressed woman always appears elegant. She is choosy about clothing and dresses in perfect taste. She usually wears a brightly-coloured suit with golden buttons and a white blouse. The skirt is mini and she looks charming and marvellous in it. She may also wear tight trousers which show off her figure well. Her dresses are always padded at the shoulders. She wears long ear-rings but has never much make-up on apart from her lipstick which is quite bright in colour.


May 11th @ 2:24am EDT

On Saturdays and Sundays the whole family get up late, but sometimes we get up early. My grandmother makes some food, some soup and some second course. My mother, my brother and I do the shopping. On Saturdays I don't work usually, I rather meet my friends, and relax a lot. At weekends we usually stay at home, and some friends come round to have lunch. My mother doesn't work at the weekends, but sometimes she has to go to her workplace, but it doesn't take a long time. Every second weekend we clean up the flat. These days my grandmother and her younger brother go away for a walk. Sometimes we get in the car, and go to our cottage in the country. When I was a little woman, we went there a lot I like this very much. I enjoy these visits, because I see rarely my cousins. My brother and I usually go have parties at different places with his friends, and my friends. If my grandmother has some time we cook some cakes. Especially, when we are in our cottage in the country. We are talk to each other a lot. My mother and my grandmother think it is important. They like listening to my brother's and mine opinion. They always ask our opinion. They grow up us so.

Good health

May 8th @ 2:42pm EDT

Fortunately I am in good health already:)
few days ago I was ill. I try to take care of myself; you know good health above wealth the saying goes. Although, I sometimes crawl without socks at home. Many people neglect their health and get a bad cold easily when the rainy weather sets in.
When I was ill last time I had flu, strong headache and a sore throat. My nose was running and I was coughing and sneezing. I had a temperature of thirty-eight point five degrees.I also had a pain in my chest. In Hungary, you must register in by phone to the GP before you get there. Then the assistant gets you an appointment. When the nurse shouted â~next please\', I entered the surgery room. The doctor told me to strip to the waist. He gave me a thorough medical check-up. He/she began by feeling my pulse and looks at my tongue. As my temperature was quite high he looked at my throat and said that it was badly inflamed.He also listened to my lungs, heart and breathing. After the through examination he diagnosed my illness and told me that I had all the symptoms of influenza. He sent me to the laboratory for a test and prescribed me some medicine (he made out a prescription) such as some anti-febrile to keep my fever down, some menthol drops for my nose and a mixture for my throat. I had to gargle every two hours.He told me I had to stay in bed for a few days and also told me to drink a lot of hot tea with lemon and keep warm. In the end I was put on the sick-list (the doctor made out a sickness certificate in my name for my company; health care benefit) and had to stay off work for a week. I went to the chemist\'s where they made up the mixture and reminded me to shake it well before use. I also bought some pain-killers for my headache and took one pill three times a day after meals.I told my boss that I couldn\'t work for a few days and he wished me a quick recovery. After following the doctor\'s advice and taking the medicine in the prescribed way, I soon recovered from my illness.

New clothes

May 6th @ 1:01pm EDT

Today I went bought a few new clothes.

Clothing is very important in people lives. We have to wear different clothes in different seasons. In winter we must wear hats, gloves, scarves, warm sweaters and trousers, thick overcoat and winter boots. But in summer it is enough to put on a light dress or a T-shirt with shorts or skirt. On the beach women wear a bathing suit or a bikini.

Men wear swimming trunks.If you have to go to an official place - for example an entrance examination you must wear holiday attire Men wear shirt, a pair of trousers, a tie, a suit. Women wear white blouses, black skirts or dresses and a pair of nylon tights. On an average day I wear fashionable clothes. Jeans never go out of fashion. They are very popular with young people in all colours.
At home I wear tracksuit or jeans with a T-shirt. In summer I wear a summer dress or a skirt with a top and sunglasses. On the beach I wear a bikini or a swimsuit. In winter I wear a coat, a hat, a scarf, gloves and boots when I go out.
I am interested in fashion. I follow fashion. I read fashion magazines or watch fashion shows on TV. Here you can see models on a catwalk

Awful day

May 5th @ 3:48pm EDT

Today was very awful because I'm a little bit ill.
Fortunately I have never been seriously ill but I've had a common cold and flu several times. When you have a flu you have a sore throat, your nose can be running, and you can be coughing and sneezing. You can also have a temperature and a pain in your chest. You should go to the GP, who will look at your tongue and throat, feel your pulse and listen to your lungs. He diagnoses your illness and prescribe some medicine, which you can buy at the chemist's. You may go on a sick leave to recover.
When you are in a more serious condition you have to make an appointment with a specialist, for example a cardiologist, a gynaecologist or an ophthalmologist. The doctor listens to your complaints and takes a look at your medical record and he might refer you to a hospital.
In a hospital you can find different departments and wards. You can find surgeries and an emergency room in every hospital. There are also waiting rooms, an outpatients' ward, a maternity ward, an X-ray unit, a cardiac unit, a surgical unit, and some operating theatres.

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